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Oct 20, 2021
4:15pm - 5:15pm (Eastern)
A Case Study: A 19-Year-Old Female With Distal Radius Fracture and Anemia

Join Us for a Case Study: A Case of a 19-Year-Old Female with a Distal Radius Fracture and Anemia*

Participants are invited to work with us to uncover the cause of our patient’s symptoms in this interactive case study.

*This is a hypothetical case and not an actual patient

This is a Non-CME/CE presentation.

Sponsored by Agios

Oct 20, 2021
5:30pm - 7:05pm (Eastern)
Session I: Thrombocytopenia

5:30pm ET | Introduction
Howard A. Liebman, MD

5:31pm ET | New Developments in ITP Including Vaccine-Related ITP
James B. Bussel, MD

5:49pm ET |  ITP in Pregnancy: A 2 Patient Dilemma?
Terry Gernsheimer, MD

6:07pm ET | Thrombocytic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP): New Twists on an Old Disease
Spero R. Cataland, MD

6:24pm ET | The other TMA
Ilene C. Weitz, MD

6:41pm ET | Live Q&A/Panel Discussion

Oct 20, 2021
7:05pm - 8:20pm (Eastern)
Session II: Thrombotic Disorders

7:05pm ET | Thrombosis Management of NOAC Anticoagulation in Patients who Require Long-term Anticoagulation
Jean Marie Connors, MD

7:25pm ET | Live Debate: To Prophylax or Not To Prophylax: That Is The Question
Howard A. Liebman, MD; Alok Khorana, MD

7:47pm ET | Live Q&A/Panel Discussion

8:17pm ET | Closing Remarks
Howard A. Liebman, MD; Jean Marie Connors, MD

Oct 21, 2021
5:30pm - 6:04pm (Eastern)
Session III: Autoimmune Disorders

5:30pm ET | Introduction
Jean Marie Connors, MD

5:31pm ET | Breaking down hemolytic anemias
Caroline I. Piatek, MD

5:47pm ET | Blind Men and the APS Elephant v.1000
Keith R. McCrae, MD

Oct 21, 2021
6:05pm - 6:59pm (Eastern)
Session IV: Bleeding Disorders

6:05pm ET | Hemophilia: Have we cured the disease yet?
Craig M. Kessler, MD

6:22pm ET | Sickle Cell Disease: Where Are We Now (and Where Are We Going)
Julie Kanter, MD

6:36pm ET | Live Q&A/Panel Discussion

Oct 21, 2021
7:05pm - 9:17pm (Eastern)
Session V: Platelet Disorders

7:05pm ET | Modern management of ET/PV: Assessing and Mitigating Risk of Thrombosis and Maybe Progression
John Mascarenhas, MD

7:23pm ET | Current and future strategies in the treatment of myelofibrosis
Casey L. O'Connell, MD

7:36pm ET | Eosinophilic syndromes - how do you assess from other causes
Daniel J. DeAngelo, MD, PhD

7:50pm ET | Live Q&A/Panel Discussion

8:23pm ET | Live Debate: Hydroxyurea vs Alpha Interferon for the Management of JAK2 & Calreticulin ET
John Mascarenhas, MD; Casey L. O'Connell, MD

8:46pm ET | Live Q&A/Panel Discussion

9:16pm ET | Closing Remarks
Jean Marie Connors, MD; Howard A. Liebman, MD